Rules and Restrictions
Do and Don't: A Guide to Jeunot

Welcome, Adventurers!

I know you’re all excited to start a new campaign, so let me clear the air with a few basic rules and concepts.

The Prejudice System

Now, I know you guys probably want to play some outlandish races. While I discourage it, I’m not going to force anything. Unfortunately for you, however, Jeunot is a land that, historically, has only been populated by the Half-Orcs of the desert, the dwarves of the mountains, and the humans of the hills and fields.

There will be 3 tiers of prejudice for picking and playing certain races.

Tier 1 is no prejudice; these are races native to Jeunot.

Tier 2 is minor prejudice; well known world races that are very uncommon in Jeunot. You will incur minor penalties to all social checks.

Tier 3 is major prejudice; extremely uncommon and outlandish appearing races. Reactions will range from being ignored to being treated with outright hostility. Massive penalty to all social checks.

Tier 1 Races

  • Human
  • Dwarf
  • Half-Orc

Tier 2 Races

  • Elves (All kinds)
  • Gnome (all kinds)
  • Halfling (all kinds)
  • Half Elf

Tier 3 Races

  • Goliath
  • Tiefling
  • Dragonborn
  • Eladrin
  • Aasimar (One per party)

Don’t see your race? Contact me on phone, skype, or steam to seek permission for your character.

How and when should I roll my character?

What backgrounds are permitted?

All backgrounds are reviewed individually. Get with me privately on skype or send an email at

Whatever your backgrounds turn out to be, they MUST END WITH YOU ASLEEP AT THE PONT DU MAR TAVERN

What are the stat rolling rules?

All players will use the POINT BUY system on the 5E Character app (David and I have it). You must have your character, character sheets, and all affiliated information to me by FRIDAY (JUL 17). This ensures that we can start our campaign smoothly. In addition, be sure to review all of your character’s starting abilities.

All right, players! Our first session is 7:30PM on Sunday (JUL 19). I look forward to seeing you all there. You’ll love this campaign.

Any questions, concerns or comments be sure to hit me on SKYPE or PHONE.


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